Snapdragons from the garden

Well, it’s been raining heavily for the last two days.  Most of my flowers were washed out or flopped over.  I cut of a bunch of snapdragons to make bouquet and try and remove the tangle of a mess from the yard.  My tomatoes are doing well and my green bell peppers are starting to flower.  I bought a bell pepper for 0.59 cents this morning.  It would be nice to be able to get free peppers and tomatoes from the yard.  As for the strawberries, i am tempted to just remove them next year.  The birds get to them before I do and it’s getting very invasive in my vegetable patch.   I’ll have a few more months to think about it before having to remove them.  As for the Hilshiem raspberries,  they are doing fine.   A little small right now but I think they’ll flourish next year. IMG_2022a

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