Meet our Pet Squirrel


We use to have two fat cats as pets, now we have a fat squirrel who comes by everyday for the bird feeder.  Does he/she constitute as a pet?   We feed him/her everyday… …. ?…?

Update (2/28/2009) — I’ll call him Fat Dale, and by the way he just broke the cord holding our bird feeder.

One Response to “Meet our Pet Squirrel”

  1. Erinon 27 Feb 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Yes, he is a pet and therefor must be named. I like either Chip or Dale after the Disney characters.

    I like the fall picture of the back of your house. You should take a summer, spring and winter picture from the exact same spot. That would look cool displayed together. We can’t do that in AZ. It always looks the same!

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